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Can You Get Pregnant When You Are Not Ovulating – Yes Or No?

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Can you get pregnant when you are not ovulating is a extremely controversial question and people have diverse opinions. One group of folks say that it is possible and the woman can conceive even when not in the evolution procedure. They defend their claim by saying that the woman when suffering from irregular menstrual cycle can be ovulating. Apropos the other group of people says it can not happen simply because until or unless the egg or ovum released by ovary does not fall into the fallopian tubes or ovulates the woman can consider that period safe.

Many ladies are confused and they are significantly interested to know the truth or reality. There are several web sites and pregnancy related forums where you can read myriad responses and comments by avid online users, doctors and professionals, expecting moms and those who already have children. In order to comprehend the topic ‘can you get pregnant when you are not ovulating’ you will have to know the ovulation process in females.

Ovulation process is not that tough to understand. If we put aside the heavy technical terms and merely put it the way you can understand, it may well assist in realizing the subject. Mature ovum when released reaches in to the fallopian tubes can make you pregnant. On the 28th day of menses or periods, the woman starts feeling some adjustments due to ovulation. There are numerous signs that can tell you are ovulating that contain the pain in the lower abdomen, tender breasts and increased libido. Mature ovum after reaching the fallopian tubes remains available for fertilizations for some time.

If the woman wants to get pregnant, she can mate with her partner during this time. The rate of
conception or pregnancy chances is extremely high. And, if the woman does not have intimate mating during the ovulation period she cannot get pregnant. If you are trying to avoid pregnancy, it is much better not to take any risks or chances and prefer secure sex. Nonetheless, if you want to get pregnant then during the ovulation period intimate mating is the greatest natural approach.

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May 5, 2011 at 1:32 pm

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