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Sony EX500 Review – Functions That Suit Your Requirements

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Sony EX 500 series comes with plethora of technological advantages. For the individuals of style, EX500 is the ideal option. People who wish to get the best picture quality and incorporated components for the home entertainment program many models are there to pick from. If you are double minded about, the model variations read any excellent Sony EX500 review. Users and specialists have recommended EX500 as the very best model to suit a range of requirements of several individuals.

According to a few reviews at dependable and reputable sites, EX400 and EX600 models are not regarded as a great buy since the refresh rate they are offering is only50Hz as compared to the Sony EX500 with 100HZ refresh rate. Especially, if you are a sports fan it is worth spending some extra money to have great refresh rate.

Next comes the backlight and you can compare between the LED technology and CCFL. If you are searching for blacker blacks to have greater contrast then prefer EX500 for CCFL backlighting. Sony EX500 model has a drawback that it lacks networking so you might not be able to watch streaming videos from the internet or your computer program. Sony EX500 model is an entertainment hub for sharing the audio and video along with pictures. Sony LCD HDTV has 4 HDMI and USB port to connect flash drive or memory stick, digital camera, any other kind of storage device and Mp3 player. The list of USB applications consists of the MPEG2 Video Player, JPEG Photo Viewer and MP3 Music Player.

For a smooth on-screen motion and for the correction of blur in images, Sony has MotionFlow 120Hz Panel technologies. Sony EX500 is obtainable in 40-inch panel size with display resolution of 1920×1080, 24p Accurate Cinema, built in speakers, LAN and D-Sub 15 Pin.

Sony EX500 reviews websites suggest some steps to take care of your Sony EX500 . Keep it on a stable platform or location, use suitable cleaning agent for the sensitive screen that can absorb moisture really rapidly and usually keep the magnetic substance nicely away from the range of this tv.


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