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The term anti global movement specifies the actions taken by the individuals of a state or nation in order maintain the walls in the foreign transfer of goods, service or labor etc essentially the deregulation of the totally free marketplace which are encouraged by massive business organization as the IMF there are some bad effects to people as well as to the economy for global success:

1. Sufferings of the poor countries: though globalization has been meant for the international trade but there are some poor nations who try to set up their own marketplace and also save it. In this case the main products of the poor nations are crops and agricultural items. Richer countries makes the farmers subsidize. As a result, the market price of the products decreases.

2. Exploitation of labors: the decreased protection of the poor nations by the wealthier nations has led the big industries to acquire labors at a very low cost. They provide low wages to the labors to work for longer hours.

3. The move to outsourcing: the global success has made it simpler for the large industries to outsource from high paid areas to low paid locations with the advantages of workers. This has indeed left a scarcity of jobs in the high paid areas increasing the jobs in low paid areas.

4. the scarcity of labor unions: the availability of cheap labors anytime has caused the labor union to decline at its larger extent, the union becomes ineffective in addition to the bigger as well as wiser industries provides the work for cheaper wages

5. Child labor: the decreased quantity of labor compared to the increased production paves the way for the exploitations of child labors for the production balance. They are often compelled to do illicit activities, which is a great shame.


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May 6, 2011 at 11:18 am

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