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Limewire pro – The Fastest P2P File Sharing Software program

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Though there are millions of files in the world wide web numerous men and women do not know how to locate them or downloading them with out violating laws. This is when Limewire pro comes in handy. When you download and install this program accessible cost-free, locating whatever files you want and downloading them is as easy as anything could be.

It is a little program that takes only three minutes to download if you have a broadband connection. As soon as installed, millions of files will be at your finger tips. Limewire pro is such a stunning program. Your file sharing experience depends on the P2P file sharing software you have installed in your computer. Certain programs preserve ratios of uploading and downloading. When you download a particular number of files you require to upload certain number of files too. With Limewire pro there is no such ratio.

Nonetheless, if you have produced a stunning home video or a great music file, you have the alternative to upload them to the data base of Limewire pro. In case you do not mind sharing your files you could let it be shared among other users but if you want to protect them as copy righted stuff, the program will allow you to do that also. There are numerous other comparable characteristics also with the program.

Your computer’s operating program is not going to limit your usage of Limewire pro. It could be used with Windows, Linux or even Mac. Consequently, you never need to have to worry about your operating system either. In case you use Windows you have unique versions of Limewire pro for each of the recent versions such as Vista and XP. Since XP is still well-known with a lot of personal computer users, a unique version of the software program is created accessible for XP in order to facilitate the XP users.


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May 6, 2011 at 5:56 am

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