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Understand the reasons for high levels of Triglycerides and the require for keeping it low

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The modern lifestyle is putting extreme pressure on most of us with high amount of tension, strain, irregular timings of food and sleep. Most of us consume various varieties of food on a regular basis that might be high in fats and carbohydrates. Although some fats are termed as essential to the body, excess accumulation can pose threat to the body. Triglycerides are one of the fats that are present in the blood and are primarily utilized as energy and the excess is stored in the fat cells for future use. It is to be noted that body by itself produces these fats but the diet that we consume also adds on it causing excess accumulation of the same in the body. Excess levels of Triglycerides are recognized to improve the risks of heart illnesses.

With every consumption of the diet, the levels of triglycerides increases. Generally the foods consisting of high sugar content, beverages, alcohol add up to the high levels of triglycerides. Most of the fats that are not used up are transformed in to triglycerides and are stored in the fat cells. The increased level of these fats can increase the stickiness of the blood and can harden or narrow the arteries thereby growing the risks of cardiovascular functions in the body.
There are many reasons that add to the high levels of triglycerides in the body and one need to be conscious of the exact same to make sure that they do not result in riskier proposition to the body. Some of the factors that result in high levels of triglycerides are:

•Obesity: excess weight can be one of the factors for high levels of this fat. With every diet, the non used fat gets transformed in to triglycerides and get stored in the fat cells.
•Consumption of junk foods, sugars, saturated fats and excess alcohol can give rise to high levels of this fat.
•Some of the medical diseases like diabetes and kidney defects can also result in higher levels of this fat. It is to be known that with age also the level of triglycerides increases. Heredity and particular medications can also improve the fat level in the body.

It is extremely important to keep the level of triglycerides in check to avoid the risks of cardiovascular dysfunctions and illnesses. One can keep the fat levels in check with normal workouts to burn the excess calories and also utilizing some fibre wealthy foods like leafy vegetables, cauliflower fruits like apples, apricots and prunes.


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May 7, 2011 at 1:07 pm

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