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About the tongue cancer and facts

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A widespread form of oral cancer is tongue cancer which causes tumors and lesion on the person’s tongue. The most widespread and prevalent oral cavity cancer is the tongue cancer. Early diagnosis is the only way to the full cure of the tongue cancer.

Types of tongue cancer

Tongue cancer is of primarily two types. Both the cancers are squamous cell carcinomas. The cancer location distinction is the principal distinction between them. On the outer part of the tongue the squamous cell cancer of the oral tongue tumor is discovered. On the behind part of the tongue the squamous cell cancer of the base of the tongue is occurred. Though they are very same but due to the reality that the tissue of both the parts where it is found are different that is the reason that they are not treated as the exact same and are differentiated.

On the tongue the tongue cancer typically appears as a thick white patch or looks like a small lump. The interior part of it bleeds effortlessly of the reason that it is really tender and the cancer after getting larger takes the form of an ulcer. The tongue becomes stiff and thick as a result of the cancer’s fast growth. They spread up very easily. After they spread up the person feels a lot of problems while talking, chewing and can’t open the mouth correctly, as you can notice in many tongue cancer pictures. The swallowing of the food also can not be done properly. The base cancer of the tongue can not be detected at an early stage due to the reason that lie under the mouth and are not visible. So they start to grow extremely rapidly and trigger much pain.

The correct reason for the tongue cancer is not yet known but the cancer can occur to anyone who takes tobacco and alcohol. The cancer can happen to those also who suffer from virus-attacked infection particularly the Epstein-Barr virus.


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