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Medical symptoms checker for Bell’s Palsy

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Bell’s palsy is disease in which one side of the face is paralyzed. Nevertheless, the medical conditions of the patients are extremely scary to those who suffer it but still the paralysis is temporary and following a particular period of time, the full recovery can be created. Here are some medical symptoms checkers for the disease.

Bell’s palsy

Medical symptoms checker or signs of the disease

This illness is the paralyzing of the single side of a person inside a really short span of time that can be at a night or can be inside one to two days. With the edge of the mouth drooping downwards or hanging the eyelids of the impacted side can’t be totally closed. The individual faces a lot of trouble while eating and drinking since they shed the control over the muscles of the faces. The person may suffer from severe headaches as they feel a lot of discomforts on the facial muscle since they can not move it for a long time. The ranging of the paralysis can be from light to severe.

However, the illness is not permanent or is not so serious of getting physically handicapped for the life but there might be some herpes infection or disorder of the autoimmune as result or impact of this disease. The nerve that controls the movements of the facial muscles are recognized as the 7th cranial nerve and it is due to the swelling of this nerve that the paralysis occurs to a individual.

The first medical symptom checker of this illness is that the face starts hanging down wards and it becomes to look like with out any expression. To detect the trigger of the facial paralysis a number of medical tests have to be done as MRI, CT scan, and EMG and nerve conduction test. Facial exercises with the medicines are suggested.


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