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The whole new sensation – the bubbly looking Nicki Minaj Ass

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Nicki Minaj is in the news these days not only due to the fact of her singing talent but due to the fact of her bubbly looking ass. The Nicki Minaj Ass is the talking point of the town. Every one are astonished by the best shaped bubble but that she is sporting. The photographs of Nicki Minaj Ass are highly viewed on the net, with much more and more people acquiring extremely curious about the size and shape of the ass. There is a continuous debate going on about Nicki Minaj Ass being real or fake.

Although most believe that the bubbly looking Nicki Minaj Ass is a wonder of plastic surgery or she makes use of the padding to give that kind of great shape to the butt. One can have a look at the photographs by doing an online search for the same to get many outcomes and videos. The newest news is about Rihanna grabbing Nicki Minaj Ass nearly three times to have a feel of the bubbly ass. One can enjoy the video online by doing an easy online search.

The mere look of the Nicki Minaj Ass with skin tight and fish nets can make you go amazed by shape and size of the ass. It looks very stunning and too good to be true. It is question that is revolving around in most people’s mind that is the ass actual or an innovation of surgery to provide such a perfect shape and size. It is known that Nicki is not bothered about the distinct rumors in the media and is pleased about the popularity and attention she is able to capture because of her stunning bubbly ass.

Nicki Minaj had done couple of video songs earlier but is growing in popularity because of the Nicki Minaj Ass during recent times. She had done couple of not so popular songs with Mariah Carey and the girl rapper which was not effective in rocking the music charts. In recent time with her booty ass she was effective in exploding on to the pop scene. Most bold beauties like the Jenifer Lopez and Kim could envy about the size of the butts that Nicki Minaj is sporting. With her popular ass, she is now hitting the top of the music charts also with her recently released popular number.


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May 11, 2011 at 1:12 pm

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